image here with a little speech bubble or something idk man art is rlly hard

hi again! i'm still damien. or still soul, depending on the name you chose.
i go by he/him pronouns. i'm a trans man!

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a little bit about me, i'm 22 years old, i work retail. i speak only english.
i write and draw for fun, i make a lot of ocs. i'm hoping i can make a few oc pages on here when i get the time, if i even figure out how to format them.

i made this site to hopefully just have a fun time! i get really tired of the internet as a whole. i'm hoping this makes my life better.

i'm an undiagnosed autistic, and i struggle with other various mental health disorders such as adhd and more.

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video games - fnaf , smile for me , bioshock series , portal series , space channel 5 , banjo-kazooie + tooie , bombastic (ps2)

music - chonny jash , aviators , nathan sharp , tripsitta , glass animals , weevildoing

etc: - markiplier cinematic universe , my/my friends ocs , art in general